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    Tackle Current GK with Confidence!



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    Tackle Current GK with Confidence!

    Post  Sanchay on Fri Mar 04, 2011 10:26 pm

    The Current GK would be forming a very crucial portion in CLAT 2011 as stated by the Vice Chancellor of NUJS in the press conference released earlier thus year. But now it becomes a dilemma as to what are things which are to be covered for the current because it is a very vast area and I have seen people getting messed up in this area. One should focus in doing smart study rather than vast study while reading GK otherwise it is such an area that would become as a puzzle for anyone but at the same time it can become very interesting it is done in a smart way.

    First all don't get scared of GK. Take it as an easy area and think that if you are doing smart study then it would not be possible for you to score good marks in it. I have saying all this because of my experience, when I was preparing for CLAT I used to see how many of my friends used to mess up with this area and go on to read the things which are wholly irrelevant. Now it is very tough as to decide what is relevant and what is not relevant for CLAT, for that purpose one should go through the past year question papers of CLAT and the university which is conducting the exam. There are only a few things in each particular topic which you have to keep in your mind.

    Take for example Commonwealth Games 2010 ,the important things which should be kept in the mind are- Year in which it was held ? What was India's Position ? Who was the chairman of CWG 2010 committee ? Who is the chairman, CEO of CWG? then from this you can relate it to its background like When and where was the 1st edition held? in which year ? and make notes of all these stuff so that you dont get confuse while revising at the last moment and in this way you cover both current and static gk, although static is not much important this time but one should not ignore it.

    So, the things which are kept in mind for any particular area are - When? Who ? Where ? Why ? , other question i.e. How? is not important for CLAt because it needs a detailed study of a particular area and that would not be asked by CLAT people at this stage. They expect from you to have basic knowledge about each area which are relevant for CLAT.

    One should be very selective while choosing the magazines, newspaper etc for current GK. Ideally one is recommended to read 'The Hindu' Daily newspaper as it covers many things from current GK to reading comprehension. Its editorial portion improves you reading speed and also critical reasoning in some way. While choosing magazine, one should not go on to refer 3 or 4 or 5 magazines, get hold on any one magazine which are recommended eg. Pratiyogita Darpan. And at last don't ever forget to make notes of current GK otherwise you will mess up while doing revision in the end.

    Make a group of 3-4 people (not more than that) and discuss the points of a particular week because there would be many points which are known by you friend and not by you and you can also take test among you group i..e each one of you prepare a set of questions considering current gk and rest of you take it, in this way you will have a bunch of important questions with you and trust me it helps a lot.

    Well, in the end it is you who have to prepare and have to do the task.

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