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    Crack NLU-D Admission Test



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    Crack NLU-D Admission Test

    Post  Sanchay on Fri Mar 04, 2011 10:27 pm

    Another exam which is of great importance for law aspirants in of National Law University, Delhi which conducts its exam separately. Many law aspirants become confused about its pattern as to what kind of question would be asked in the paper, the kind of paper, to manage time, all these questions are important.

    The entrance exam of NLU, Delhi has seen variations in its pattern and considering a definite patter would not be possible for anyone. Unlike 2009, the paper of 2010 was divided in 5 sections namely English, GK, Legal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning and Maths same as that of CLAT. Earlier, there was so such kind of sections in the paper and the questions were mixed up. The question paper consist of 150 questions each carrying 1 mark and the time which is given to solve them is 90 minutes(1.5 hours) so there is a time crunch in solving all question in the stipulated time. It was easy for a aspirant to finish the question paper on time in 2009 as it did not have lengthy questions in comparison to 2010.

    The paper of 2010 was based basically on reading, legal GK was not the part of the paper and all the questions were based on reasoning in the legal section(35 ques.). Moreover, Logical Reasoning (35 ques.) did not have any question on analytical reasoning and the emphasis was given on critical reasoning. There were many questions which found similarity with the past year question paper of National Law School, Bangalore. Coming to the GK section(35 ques.), it was based wholly on current GK and was easy one and anyone who had studied current GK diligently would have been able to score very good marks in that section. Furthermore, Maths section (10 ques.) had basic level question which were not difficult and few question were based on clock and calender. English section had direct vocab question and that too around 15 in number. Overall anyone with good reading comprehension would have done well in the paper. The cut off was 97 for this paper.

    The 2010 question paper was totally different from the 2009 paper. The paper which came in 2009 consisted of 150 questions and more emphasis was given to the static GK and there were around 65 question on GK+Legal GK and Maths was good. It found similarity with the past year papers of NALSAR may be due to Prof. Ranbir Singh. The cut off for this paper was 85 marks.

    The question paper for the entrance in NLU, Delhi in inclining towards the pattern which has been adopted by CLAT but it would be very difficult to predict it until and unless the entrance for next session is done and one should prepare himself thoroughly to tackle any kind of paper. One must get hold on the past year papers od NLSIU and NALSAR and if possible past year papers of NLU, Delhi. The paper of 2011 would be a new one and one should not take any kind of risking by just relying on the past year patterns and make oneself ready to face any kind of paper.

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